Sierra Chart Charting


  • Create and customize advanced and real-time Intraday and Historical charts for futures, commodities, indexes, mutual funds, currencies or any market.
  • Continuously updated charts as trades occur. Real-time tick by tick charting. Every trade received from the connected data feed is efficiently processed, stored and displayed, with none of them ignored. Charts scroll automatically as new bars are added. Ticks/trades can be stored as individual data records for highly precise charts.
  • Complete technical analysis capabilities through the detailed and interactive charts, chart drawing tools, and studies.
  • 300+ fully customizable technical studies and indicators.
  • Each study has inputs to modify the variables of the study. Various Draw Styles are available and can be customized for each subgraph of a study. Draw Styles include transparent styles as well.
  • Specify simple or advanced Alert Conditions on studies and the main price chart for continuous monitoring and scanning across a list of symbols. Alerts can play a sound, are logged, are displayed on the chart, and an email message can optionally be sent. Alert conditions can reference multiple studies on the chart and are specified using very flexible and powerful Excel type formulas. You have access to all of the available Excel operators and functions.

Complete set of chart drawing tools and functionality. Tools include:

  • Chart Calculator (Calculates price change, percent change, and time difference between two points)
  • Chart Values/Crosshair with Global Cursors
  • Lines (Line, Ray, Extended Line)
  • Linear Regression with Channels
  • 2 and 3 Point Retracement/Extension Tool with time projections
  • Pitchfork
  • Rectangle Highlight
  • Ellipse/Angle Ellipse Highlight
  • Horizontal and Vertical Lines
  • Arrows
  • Fibonacci Fan, Percentage Fan, Speed Resistance Lines, Gann Fan Tool
  • Cycles
  • Type Text
  • Gann Grid
  • Fibonacci Time Zones
  • Zig-Zag