X Trader Pro / Autospreader

X_TraderĀ® Pro

X_TRADER Pro can really make a difference in how you trade:

  • Automatically create and trade multiple spreads simultaneously with AutospreaderT. This automated order management tool easily defines and manages spreads, working the legs automatically to match your desired spread price. Supports market orders, limit orders, calendar and inter product spreads.
  • Execute complex trading strategies, quote the market and scalp using links from Excel or formulas directly in the application with AutotraderT.
  • Get access automatically to the world's leading futures exchanges: CBOT, CME, NYMEX, COMEX, EUREX, ICE, and more!


Autospreader is the most powerful tool for spread traders. Autospreader is one of several automated trading applications build into X_TRADER Pro. It helps create, manage and execute inter-product and cross-exchange spread trading strategies. Autospreader's multi-legged functionality lets you easily generate multiple spreads with up to ten legs and simultaneously quote up to three legs. This fast, flexible automated order management tool allows you to quickly define and manage spreads. Autospreader works the legs in the outright markets to match the desired spread price. This dynamic tool incorporates a range of capabilities to provide you with maximum flexibility:


  • Choose between implied price, net change and ratio spreads
  • Enable active quoting on three legs
  • Configure the spread ratio and all other parameters
  • Control legging risk with user defined parameter settings
  • Manually change settings "on the fly" for working spread orders
  • Save and manage unlimited spread configurations

Use Autospreader to configure and trade a variety of strategies, including:

  • The long-term and short-term yield curve
  • Butterflies
  • Stock index futures
  • TED spreads
  • Crack spreads
  • Basis trading