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TT Trainer

Whether developing new trading models or assessing the skills of a new trader, running TT Trainer can now get you as close to live trading as possible without risking capital.

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All Real - Except for P&L

TT Trainer is not a canned simulation. The exchanges are real. The products are real. Price feeds and market depth are real - and live within milliseconds. You can even run your preferred analytical tools and respond as if real money was on the line.

  • React to real markets without exposure
  • Learn using X_TRADER, the world's fastest front-end trading screen
  • Get near real-time market playback – including depth, with time accuracy up to a millisecond
  • Record multiple markets simultaneously
  • Create your own library of market activity by accessing recorded data
  • Synchronize multiple markets or contracts
  • Loop back for continuous play, pause, rewind and fast forward
  • Monitor variable speed market playback, with price updates from .1 to 10 seconds
  • Assure all contracts are saved with smart recorder
  • Automatically configure record and playback starts
  • Simulate network delays and exchange slowdowns